learn a new language with the most important

Project Overview


Why I made this project?

I did this project because as a newcomer to Canada. I used the Mosalingua app to learn English when I first arrived in Toronto. This app helps to learn vocabulary and expressions quickly. However, I found that the user interface was not very neat and many colors were not accessible and the general aesthetic was outdated.

Where: Toronto
What: App IOS
Why: Portfolio Project
Role: UX Designer
Category: EdTech
When: November 2022

Market Research


The claim

The online language learning market was 12.49 billion in 2019, it could reach 25.73 billion in 2027.

Market Opportunity

Language students want to access their lessons whenever they want. They want to take short lessons anywhere with their smartphones.

They want to customize their learning path according to their goals, which can be professional, academic or travel. They also like the fun and grading aspect (gamification).



There are many bugs with the app. Flashcards and audio recording don't always work. There are translation issues. Users' progress can be lost when there are bugs, so they have to start over.

Comment on App Store

Be careful not to accidentally enroll in their plus program.
Jessica. T
There are times where I would like to go back and loot at the question again or hear the diaogue but that is not an option.
Tom. W
We have to create an account to use the application, it's quite disappointing.
Maxim. R
Very Good app I am having so much fun learning. Tons of achievements to work toward.
Marc. A

Competitive Analysis

I analyzed Mosalingua and 3 language learning apps (Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Babbel) and read several positive and negative reviews to find appropriate models.


  • You can try many beginner courses
  • Test to determine the language level of the user
  • Ability to customize your learning program
  • Selection of topics and activities to learn
  • Many features are blocked, reserved for a premium account
  • Too many advertisement popups
  • Need to create an account to access more functionality
  • Confusing layout

Rosetta Stone

  • Good general interactivity
  • Very good content for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • The navigation is quite clear
  • Very little free content
  • The navigation buttons are sometimes too small
  • Content is sometimes not very playful
  • Images and text are not always well-suited to mobile


  • Easy to use
  • Clear UI
  • Mobile friendly
  • Level test to personalize your learning program
  • No need to create an account to get started
  • Too much advertising to subscribe
  • Application layout changes too often
  • Learning content is sometimes too limited
  • User dissatisfied with updates and bugs


  • Fun and engaging learning content
  • Several ways to learn are offered (audio, reading, video, live lessons)
  • Clear user interface
  • Navigation
  • No trial version
  • Lesson construction is not very clear
  • Very long lesson loading time
  • Visibility issue with Dark Mode
  • Exercise is not very clear
  • Poor control over learning topics

User survey

I did a quick survey of people who want to learn a new language on Tandem App (another language app where you can talk to people). I asked this question to 15 people.

"What is the most important factor you take into account when you download an app to learn a new language?" 

Additional Comments

Learning expressions is very important when learning a new language.
Max. L
I would like to try the trial version before creating an account, I don't want to receive an offer if I am not interested.
Leo. T
Being able to hear the pronunciation and correct our own allows us to learn with fewer mistakes.
John. C

Research Conclusion

Research shows that there is a strong need to learn new words and learn expressions. Users want to try features before subscribing.


I created 2 personas based on two categories of users of the Mosalingua application. Lisa Finch who is fluent and wants to learn new French expressions and Marcus Tomingo who wants to learn French to work anywhere in Canada in French.

Flow Diagram

To understand the functionality, I created a simplified flowchart of the main actions an user can do from the homepage. One of the flowcharts is shown below


Once the diagram was created, I started with sketches and wireframes of the main screen.


After creating the flow and wireframes, I started looking for fonts, and colors, seeking for some current trends to create a dark mode.

Alignment and grid

I chose a grid composed of multiple of 8 for this project (8p,16p,24p,32p,40p).

Accessibility Evaluation

The contrast of the application was tested to meet the WCAG AAA or AA standards.

I had the opportunity to improve the contrast to reach the standards early in the color research for the high-fidelity prototypes.

Project Summary

During the course of the project, I began by assessing the market for online language learning. I then conducted a competitive analysis and a quick survey of Tandem users. I created a flowchart, wireframes and a high fidelity prototype.

To continue the project, I conducted a mini online usability study. I finished the project with a quality assurance audit of the colors and contrast ratio to comply with WCAG standards.